A glimpse into our agency tool-box

by Jan Bühlmann

June 2023

Picture this: a group of web dev wizards, spinning their digital magic wand in harmony, laughing in the face of chaos. Welcome to the world of smartive, where , technology, hilarity and innovation collide! We're letting you in on our secret sauce. Behold, following we present the marvelous tools we use that keep us sailing smoothly through the perilous seas of our daily business.


G-Suite? It’s a love hate relationship but god dammit, it’s just so easy to use that we want forget it’s tracking and recording every step we take. Its smoothness makes us forget the voyeuristic wolf, hidden in that cute sheep coat. We pet the sheep with its G-reat suit! So we are all top Gs and together the G-Unit. But who needs to go to the candy shop when you can have a suite made of Google? Anyway, we've got Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides humming in unison like a well-oiled machine. Our calendar is so synchronized, we could put the Olympics to shame. We're not saying we're The Avengers, but G Suite is our web-dev Infinity Gauntlet.


Here at smartive, we're quite taken with Notion. You could even say we've got a notion for Notion! This all-in-one workspace is our trusty sidekick, helping us track projects, define roles, take notes, and even save our favourite cat memes for inspiration. With Notion by our side, productivity has never been so entertaining, our organisation so neat and our documentation so structured. We even use as the CMS for our intranet app and website through the API.


Who needs coffee when you've got Slack? Our team's communication is as smooth as a cup of java thanks to this caffeine-free platform. It's where ideas blossom, meetings transpire, and broccoli emoji reactions run wild. Whether we're discussing code or sharing the latest hilarious GIF, Slack keeps our spirits high and collaboration effortless. Sometimes we even take our tools apart and reassemble it to build new stuff. LIke our weekly pulse-check, feedback bot or gopfedelli shout-out reactions.


Time is money, and money is, well, pizza. We use Harvest to track our time, turning minutes into delicious pizza currency. With such an easy-to-use interface, we can see where our time is spent and how many pizzas we've earned. Harvest not only keeps our projects on schedule but also our billing deliciously punctual. Also here of course, we have built on top of its API. Every month we let it produce automated time and expense reports that are sent to accouting. What a yummy automation.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is like our secret superhero identity. By day, we're mild-mannered web developers. But when we open this powerful source code editor, we transform into unstoppable coding machines! From syntax highlighting to intelligent code completion, Visual Studio Code has us breaking keyboards with excitement.


Figmaäääh? More like Fig-YEAH! And if we want to get intimate, maybe even a fig-jam? Anyway, we're practically head over heels for this design tool. Figma is the digital Picasso that brings our web designs to life. Whether we're wireframing, prototyping, or just doodling to get the creative juices flowing, Figma keeps our design game strong and our clients impressed.

smarties App

Behold, last but not least comes the heart piece: our very own Smarties App! This ingenious, self-built intranet is the glue that binds our toolbelt together, connecting all our favorite tools through their APIs. With a single glance, our team can view a personalized, summarized dashboard of Notion, Slack and Harvest, built with Visual Studio Code and Figma. It's like a digital Swiss Army knife, only funnier and more colorful. Our Smarties App is the cherry on top of our web dev sundae, making us see the forest for the trees and outrageously efficient.

So there you have it, the joyful and innovative ways we use our tools to navigate through the web development cosmos. With G Suite, Notion, Slack, Harvest, Visual Studio Code, and Figma in our utility belt, we're the web dev agency equivalent of a superhero team. So let us put on our hero capes, take off and keep in mind: its only the tools that set us apart from the monkeys. Isn’t it?

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