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Helvetia Design Tokens

by Jan Bühlmann

June 2023

Imagine a world where web developers double as mad scientists, brewing their own concoctions of productivity and fun. Welcome to smartive, where we've created an arsenal of unique tools to lube our organizational machine or simply spread cheer. Strap in as we dive into the delightful world of the smartive tool shed and let us introduce them to you one by one.

The smarties App

Our self-built smarties App is the beating heart of our company. It functions as our custom built intranet. Pulse Check data gets summarized here, company roles are displayed, and financial insights are shared. This is where all our tools come together and we connect the dots to form a web. This wonderland of information keeps us connected and informed, even when we're working in different teams and from different corners of the world.

Pulse Check

Our Slack bot Pulse Check is like the web dev therapist you never knew you needed. Every week, it asks each employee how they're feeling, how they're performing, and how their workload is. It's like a warm hug and a high-five rolled into one, ensuring our team feels supported and heard.

Time API

Built atop Harvest, our Time API is your friendly reminder from the future. It shows essential information like holidays and educational days remaining and visualizes your time balance sheet. It's like having your own personal time management cheerleader.


Beshte sends a daily Slack bot notification, encouraging us to snap and share pictures of our workday with the team. It's a delightful way to connect, share laughs, and foster camaraderie in our distributed teams, proving that absence makes the heart grow fonder (and the Slack channel funnier).

Cost Tracker App

Meetings can be expensive, but our Cost Tracker App helps us visualize opportunity costs. Just set an hourly wage and the number of participants, and watch the app track costs in real time. This nifty tool ensures we make the most of every meeting.

CO2 Calculator

Environmentally conscious? So are we! Our custom-made CO2 Calculator made by Céline helps us track emissions, but it's not just for us - other companies can use it too! Saving the planet has never been so entertaining.

Wichtel App

Christmas gets a high-tech twist with our Wichtel App. It raffles employees and allows everyone to reveal their wishes to their anonymous "Wichtel." This festive app ensures our holiday cheer is always on point.

Post Bot

Physical letters? So passé. Our Post Bot scans incoming mail and sends it straight to our Slack channel. We've taken snail mail to warp speed, and we couldn't be happier.

Fifa Match Making App

Game on! Our custom Fifa Match Making generator pairs up employee teams and assigns soccer teams for epic Xbox showdowns. It's a fun way to blow off steam and build team spirit.

URL Generator

Our URL Generator makes custom URLs a breeze. Create your own URL in Notion and link it to your desired destination. It's as easy as pie (and just as satisfying).

And there you have it, folks! Our smartive tool shed is filled to the brim with tools that will make your life easier, your work more productive, and teams or clients happier. But why stop here? We're always looking for new and exciting collaborations to build custom tools for innovative minds such as YOU. Have an idea? Let's make it a reality and turn your wildest dreams into web dev wizardry. Let's get building!

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